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"Childhood is measured out by sounds
and smells and sights"
~John Betjman
Waldorf education sees the young child as a sense organ, by living, breathing, taking in, and imitating all that is around them. What the child wants is to actively engage in his or her environment, coming into contact with the world and all that is truthful in the world.
At Hummingbird Schoolhouse, the opportunity to experience this truth can be experienced through the practical and meaningful activities that we do together, such as tidying up our play space, setting the table, preparing snack, washing our own dishes after snack, taking care of the garden, and completing our special individual job each day. Being immersed in a rich sensory environment, surrounded by nature and natural materials, the children can experience different weights, textures, and shapes. Open ended toys provide an opportunity for creativity and imagination to flourish. Pinecones, stones, crystals, and silks are used to create a set-up or scene to tell a story. Wood blocks become a fire engine, hospital or skate park. Forts and restaurants are created and customers arrive. Outside children create mud pies, engineer tunnels through the sand, dig for worms, and marvel at snails. Real working tools are used to dig and rake leaves. Acting out stories, puppet plays, and our seasonal circle with movement and songs, brings life and imagination to the class.
Through our nurturing environment, the children are given the space and time to play and are not subject only to their immediate environment but are capable of moving beyond what is physically present, thus creating something new, opening up to possibilities, changing life, and discovering solutions. We see the joy and delight in the children as they create, sing, and share in their discoveries
with friends.




A Day at Hummingbird Schoolhouse

Within all the time for creativity and play there is a rhythm throughout the day as the children learn how to move through transitions, take turns, develop patience, follow directions and be together during our circle and story time. Our daily rhythm is always a work in progress as we adapt to meet the needs of the group.
9:00 – 9:15 am Morning Arrival
9:15 – 10:10 am Art, craft, or Baking, Stations & Free Play
10:10 – 10:30 am Morning Greeting, Seasonal Movement Circle, and Rest Time
10:30-10:50 am Blessing, Snack, Clean up, and Children wash their own dish
10:50-11:05 am Games, Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, & Forms
11:05-11:50 am Outdoor Play, Exploration, Gardening & Clean-up (rain or shine)
11:50-12:00 pm Story, Puppet play, or Dramatic Play & Good Byes
12:00-12:15 pm Pick-up

List of Activities

Hummingbird Schoolhouse offers a variety of activities and use of materials, providing a rich sensory, artistic, and learning experience for the child. The activities are brought to the child with enthusiasm and openness, as the teachers are a guide to the creative process and support the child in his or her own discoveries and exploration.

- Seasonal movement circle
- Circle time with the alphabet and numbers
- Drawing and painting in watercolor
- Singing games and finger plays
- Traditional childhood games
- Baking
- Story time, puppet shows, and dramatic play
- Clean up and washing dishes
- Gardening
- Crafts
- Wet felting with wool
- Dyeing with materials
- Free-play both indoors and outdoors
"Play is the highest form of Research"
~Albert Einstein




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