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About Us

"Play is at the heart of our school, where exploration, art, and movement come together, bringing joy and growth to learning."


Hummingbird Schoolhouse is a Waldorf inspired preschool for children 3-5 years of age. Self-directed play is at the heart of our school where imagination, initiative, and innovation can flourish. Artistic, purposeful, and meaningful activities are an integral part of our day where children can have a direct learning experience with life as well as caring for one’s environment and friends. Gardening, water color painting, and drawing, along with seasonal crafts, stories, songs, and circle time, are brought to the children in an imaginative and celebratory way, cultivating a rich experience of language and deepening their connection with nature and others. Our approach to learning is multi-sensory and integrated, meeting the children developmentally. Hummingbird Schoolhouse creates a nurturing environment where children are inspired and engaged in learning, while gaining confidence and independence. Our mission is to build a foundation for academic learning and cultivate life experiences and lessons that will serve them throughout their lives.


Meet Our Teacher

HBSH BIO PHoto_edited.jpg
Leana Randol

Founder, Owner

and Teacher



Leana Randol is a certified early childhood Waldorf teacher where she graduated from the Rudolf Stiener College in Sacramento, California. She taught in the kindergarten class for two years at the San Francisco Waldorf School where she was surrounded by many experienced Waldorf teachers, most of whom had over 25 years of experience.


This mentoring experience has given Leana the tools and experience to create Hummingbird Schoolhouse. She then had the opportunity to teach one year of preschool at The Barn School in Roseburg Oregon, before opening Hummingbird Schoolhouse in 2014. Her education also includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington.


Through her Waldorf teacher training and her background as a professional figure skater, she brings an artistic quality to teaching. She is married and has two boys, James (13 years old) and Rowan (9 years old) who continually inspire her to create, listen, slow down and enjoy the moment. Leana shares a deep reverence for the young child’s imaginative, imitative, and wonder-filled way of being in the world, seeing them as capable and creative in all that they do.


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