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Admissions, Registration & Fees

Class Schedule

3 Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

9:00am-12:00pm - $290.00 a month


*Monthly tuition payments are from September-June -10 Months

Other Fees:

*Registration Fee - $50.00 Returning Student

                                   - $100.00 New Students

*Supply & Art Fee- $200.00 (one-time fee, due @                                       enrollment & non-refundable)

*Rain gear - Children enrolled at HBSH need durable and functional raingear and boots.



*Children must be 3 years of age by September 1st and potty trained.


Parent Involvement

*Families provide snack approximately 6 times a year. Hummingbird Schoolhouse will provide a healthy and when possible, an organic snack during the majority of the school year.

*Hummingbird Schoolhouse takes 1- 2 school field trips a year and your child must be accompanied by a care giver or family member.

*Parents are welcome to bring and share any art activities, crafts, and stories that inspire them.



1. Visit our website to learn about our school and our curriculum.

2. Contact us for current avaialability.


3. Schedule a visit to Hummingbird Schoolhouse and meet the teachers.

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